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Privacy Policy


Business partners

General When networking, negotiating or entering into agreements with DEMCON, all of DEMCON’s business partners provide DEMCON with personal data. You may do so while representing your employer, for instance. Some of the data with which you provide us may nevertheless constitute personal data (such as your business and personal email addresses). DEMCON then processes the personal data that it receives (for instance by saving, consulting and retaining them). That data processing is necessary to contact you, also in the future, to perform agreements, to keep you informed of important developments at DEMCON and to invite you to events organised by DEMCON.

The increasing volume of data processing has led to increasing awareness of the importance of the data protection. DEMCON therefore wishes to inform you about the processing of your personal data at DEMCON. This privacy statement has been drawn up for that purpose.

This privacy statement applies to all of DEMCON’s business partners.

Controller DEMCON consists of several companies. Accounting – and therefore the processing of your personal data – has been centralised within the DEMCON group; that centralised processing may be performed by employees who are formally employed at one of several DEMCON companies. All of those companies can be regarded as controllers. One of them has been designated within the DEMCON group as the principal controller. The details of that company are stated below:

DEMCON advanced mechatronics B.V. Institutenweg 25 7521 PH ENSCHEDE Tel: 088-115 2000 The contact regarding the processing of your data is the PR department, which can be reached at

Diligence and technical security DEMCON handles your personal data diligently and takes sound technical and other security measures. DEMCON at all times complies with the statutory data protection regulations, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). For instance, DEMCON avoids unnecessary data processing, restricts access to personal data to a group of employees who need to process your personal data, uses only ICT systems that adequately protect your personal data, and has a detailed policy and protocol in place to prevent data leaks.

What personal data are processed? Your personal data that DEMCON may process include the following:

  • a. surname, date of birth, first name and initials, date of birth/age, and sex;
  • b. contact details: address, telephone number and email address;
  • c. level of education; and
  • d. special personal details: dietary requirements.

Purposes of the data processing Your personal data are processed only for the following purposes:

  • a. performance of agreements with the company where you are employed;
  • b. negotiations on or processing of offers or inquiries of the company where you are employed;
  • c. projects and activities (including invoicing);
  • d. invitations to events organised by DEMCON or other parties;
  • e. PR/marketing/prospecting by DEMCON; and
  • f. improvement of DEMCON’s operations.

Your personal data are not processed for any other purposes.

Duration of the data processing Your personal data are processed no longer than necessary or prescribed by law. Data processing takes place throughout the customer/supplier/partnership relationship with you or with the company where you are employed.

If the customer/supplier/partnership relationship with you or with the company where you are employed ends, DEMCON retains your personal data for a period of one (1) year after the end of the relationship.

If your personal data are not processed on the grounds of an (existing) customer/supplier/partnership relationship, DEMCON retains your personal data for a period of one (1) year after the personal data were provided.

After that period DEMCON destroys your personal data, unless you give permission again for the processing of your personal data.

Sharing of personal data with third parties Your personal data are shared only with employees at DEMCON who need to access your personal data in order to perform the agreement with you or insofar as necessary in order to contact you. DEMCON uses several software and other systems to keep proper central records. DEMCON has entered into agreements with the suppliers of those systems to protect your personal data.

DEMCON’s finance department furthermore works together closely with accountants. On that ground your personal data (such as those stated in purchase orders of customers, purchase invoices, agreements, payment arrangements and various other supporting documentation) may be shared with accountants. DEMCON has entered into agreements to protect your personal data also in that context.

Your rights You have the following rights with regard to the processing of your personal data:

  • a. the right of access to your personal data processed by DEMCON. You also receive a list of any third parties to which your personal data have been disclosed;
  • b. the right to rectification, if, for instance, DEMCON processes inaccurate personal data, such notice of as a change of address;
  • c. the right to erasure (the “right to be forgotten”). This does not apply if DEMCON is required by law to retain the personal data;
  • d. the right to restriction of processing of your personal data;
  • e. the right to data portability;
  • f. the right to withdraw permission for processing your personal data; and
  • g. the right to present questions or to object to DEMCON and, if your questions or objections are not handled to your satisfaction, to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority).

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact the PR department. The contact details of that department are stated under “Controller” above in this privacy statement.

Governing law and amendments This privacy statement is governed exclusively by Dutch law. DEMCON may unilaterally amend this privacy statement if its operations or a change in the law so requires.

Any questions? If you have any questions or comments regarding the content of this privacy statement, please contact the PR Department. The contact details of that department are stated under “Controller” in this privacy statement.