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Any project starts by talking to you about your work and needs. We go through relevant

research papers, create a script which captures your story and estimate the work required to realise it, resulting in an initial quote.

Animated Storyboard

The animated storyboard consists of a series of sketches, timed to a voice-over text. In this phase there is a lot of room – and necessity – to iterate towards the final storyline. Your feedback will allow us to refine the storyline to create a clear, accurate and well-structured story.


After the animated storyboard and accompanying voice-over text have been approved, we will proceed with the 3D production. Initially, all models and animation will be created in a very simplistic form, resulting in a “pre-visualisation” which provides a chance to do fine grained feedback on timing and animation.

Final Visualisation

To finalise a shot, materials and lighting are applied and the final, fine grained animation is created. Visual effects, sound design and the professionally recorded voice-over are added to the footage, rendered at high resolution, to create a beautiful animation such as the ones you find in our portfolio.